Some questions

Kyle Gordon kyle at
Thu Jul 3 01:03:59 CEST 2008

Hey all,

The credit card is burning my fingers... but a few queries first.

Can the user data on the phone be backed up (and restored) before 
changing or upgrading firmware? I assume it's like all other phones I've 
had where everything is blitzed during an upgrade. I guess maybe it's 
just a few rsync commands, but I'd like to make sure :-)

I see some chatter about A2DP Bluetooth support. I take it that it's 
working fine now?

Is there, or will there be, the ability to sync with iCal services or 
XMLRPC services? And also, is syncing SMS data to a PC possible?

Uuurm, I'm sure there was something else to ask, but I've forgotten :-( 
All I really care about is my data, hence the replication and 
duplication of it



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