not being able to use Skype is a big problem

Knight Walker moko at
Thu Jul 3 08:21:19 CEST 2008

On Jul 2, 2008, at 10:22 PM, Jeremiah Flerchinger wrote:
> hacking android to run was tried, without too much luck, as mentioned
> at

Depending on how open Android is made, it, or parts of it may run on
OpenMoko. I'm not holding my breath though, I'm more excited by the
native software being written. Having an Android emulator or whatever
gets ported may be good eventually, depending on how good the Android
apps ever become.

> getting back to skype, i don't see why anyone would really want or
> need
> it.  there are plenty of other voip clients such as ekiga. gizmo may
> also be an option on the freerunner.  someone else was working on a
> voip
> client specifically for the FreeRunner, but I can't remember who at
> the
> moment.

Most people don't want to run Skype, they just happen to run it because
everyone they talk to through it uses it. They don't really care other
than it makes calls cheap/free. Maybe they use Skype-in/out but from
what I've seen, most don't. Personally, I prefer a "normal" VoIP (SIP)
client, but I don't have a big group of Skype-using friends.


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