not being able to use Skype is a big problem

arne anka openmoko at
Thu Jul 3 13:40:35 CEST 2008

>> plus: they got really good pr! ask average joe what kind of "phone over
>> the internet" he knows -- most people will answer "skype".
> Their prices are NOT the best on the VoIP market, at least for calling to

maybe (never used skype myself), but as long as people do not know there  
is competition and as long as skype is not compatible with sip (and why  
should they?)it's up to you and me as freedom loving and informed users to  
decide whether to ignore skype users alltogether or to jump on the  
anyway, that's no matter of this list.

if there are people willing to let skype onto their phone, it's up to them  
and the should contact skype.
if a sufficient number of users indicate an interesting niche in the  
market, skype might be willing to consider porting.

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