audio/video support

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Jul 3 17:03:44 CEST 2008

On Thursday 03 July 2008, Giorgio M. wrote:
> Does the Freerunner has an audio/video player integrated?
> which kind of audio and video files are supported?

The answer probably depends on what you mean by 'integrated' ;-)

There is a player in the GTK image that uses gstreamer and has a huge list of 
gstreamer plugins. The UI is somewhat limited at the moment, and last time I 
tried to play an MP3 it failed with a gstreamer error. That may be a result 
of using a daily snapshot rather than a release version though.

mplayer is also known to run, and there is a patched version to support 
hardware accelerated h264 playback.

Both of these _should_ support playback of more or less any format with an 
open codec implementation, but I'm not aware of any testing to show whether 
they all work. Due to the limited CPU power video files will have to be 
fairly low resolution to get a decent frame rate. QVGA should do the trick, 
but search the archive for rasterman's comments on the glamo limitations.

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