More HW from OpenMoko

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Thu Jul 3 18:06:28 CEST 2008

Jay Vaughan <jayv at> writes:

> openmoko hardware?  make a synthesizer platform.  yes please, i'll  
> take 2,000, thanks.

Get a USB midisport or similar device and hook it up the freerunner's
usb host port. Add Jack and some synths and you're good to go :-).

The question now is how many synths use fixed point math and what
their load is like. I recall many years ago doing some stuff on my
166Mhz pentium so it might work. Now if only Jack used fixed point
math instead of representing samples as 32-bit floats (granted there
are quality issues with switching to a fixed point representation when
mixing a lot of audio sources, but a slight degradation would be
acceptable and probably not noticable for performance work).

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