Error while paying

Russell Sears sears at
Thu Jul 3 18:59:34 CEST 2008

My bank just called to see if the charge was valid.  I asked why it was 
flagged.  They said that it's because it's an overseas internet/phone 

Perhaps OM should make it look like the money is going to California, or 
tell Visa that they have a physical presence in the US or something...


Ken Young wrote:
> Peter Naulls wrote:
>> Me too, but I called up Chase, and they took off the block on
>> international purchases.   So that is the 10 pack for
>> San Diego group buy - still need 2-3 more people for it, I
>> don't want to end up with 4 phones ;-)
> Citibank did this too.   So "Gateway Error 500" is Hi Trust's way
> of saying "Credit Card Declined".   I called Citibank, got them to
> lift the block, and the transaction went through smoothly after
> that.
> Ken Young
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