FreeRunner and Rogers/Fido question

Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Thu Jul 3 20:33:25 CEST 2008

to, 2008-07-03 kello 12:24 -0600, Todd Courtnage kirjoitti:
> I'm confused in whether EDGE is 3G or 2G.  On the Wikipedia page:
> "While EDGE is part of the 3G standard, some phones report EDGE and 3G
> network availability as separate things, notably the iPhone."

So's Wikipedia. And everyone else as well since 3G is just a blanket
marketing term for a bundle of technologies.

EDGE does, at its fastest, reach speeds sometimes coined as 3G, but is
mostly considered 2G anyway. Does any of it matter? No.

> Paint me confused.  :-)  Can I (in theory, at least) access Rogers' EDGE
> network, and hence get data/internet access on the FreeRunner?

EDGE is a beefed-up GPRS. You _should_ be fine, only at lower speeds.

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