FreeRunner and Rogers/Fido question

Alexander Frøyseth alexander.froyseth at
Thu Jul 3 20:58:06 CEST 2008

Philippe Guillebert skrev:
> Todd Courtnage wrote:
>> Hey all.
>> I live in Canada (Calgary) and am looking at buying the FreeRunner.
>> I've also noticed that there is no 3G support.  I presently have a
>> BlackBerry 8700 on Rogers EDGE network, with a data plan.  I'm confused
>> in whether EDGE is 3G or 2G.  
> Hi,
> Edge is often referred to "2,75G".
> To sum it up :
> 2G is plain old GSM (9.6kbits/sec)
> 2,5G is GPRS (about 50 kbits/sec)
> 2,75G is EDGE (about 200 kbits/sec)
> 3G is HSDPA (up to a few Mbits/sec)
> Neo Freerunner is GPRS-capable. Not awesome, but enough to check mails 
> or things like that.
And thats exacly what I does on the mobile net :)
Expect for calling and sms

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