My word on GPRS (was: How Slow Is Fast?)

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to, 2008-07-03 kello 16:15 -0400, Nkoli kirjoitti:
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>         Umh. Disappointing. Is this really the best it can do or best
>         that has been coaxed out of it so far?
> This is the case with all gprs/edge capable phones - it has nothing to
> do with the neo specifically. 3G radios can maintain both voice and
> data at the same time; 2 and 2.5G radios cannot.

I know that, but that the signaling of an incoming voice call won't
necessarily make it through if the GPRS is in constant use was news to

To be fair, I don't have a clue if my previous GPRS phones have also
actually behaved in this manner hidden from me...

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