not being able to use Skype is a big problem

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Fri Jul 4 02:44:07 CEST 2008

Shawn Rutledge wrote:
> It's often been wished for an Asterisk-to-Skype gateway.  It would be
> an elegant solution: run the gateway at home or on a hosted server,
> and use any ordinary SIP or IAX client on the Neo.
> Well last time I checked into that was a couple years ago, but now it
> appears such a thing exists:

That's the same I'd like to post (also months ago :P)!

A way to workaround this problem would be using a wrapper (based on 
Skype API) that runs on a  (linux) PC that runs Skype and acts as a 
server to which our phone will connect.

As Shawn has posted there are some of these wrappers using the skype API 
to use skype with standard SIP clients.
Myself I've tried SippySkype in my PC and I was able to make my phone 
attached to a SIP VoIP adapter (PAP2) ring when I was called in skype 
(both calling it using its LAN IP and calling its telephone number using 
another VoIP call performed by SippySkype itself).
Or, at the contrary, I was able to call my contacts by calling them 
using my phone attached to the voip-adapter.

So basically my idea to get my incoming skype calls on Freerunner:
  - Run Skype and SippySkype on my PC / Server
  - Activating two free accounts of the same VoIP provider (registering
    at one of these that allows you to call freely the numbers of the
    same provider itself [ does it])
  - Setting Sippyskype to redirect my skype incoming calls as SIP calls
    done using the first VoIP number I've got to the second VoIP number
    (that is the mobile itself).

Skype-call -> Skype2SIP -> SIP-call-account1 -> account2 -> 
SIP-openmoko-client -> phone

And reverse. This is not hard, just a little tricky; and with no 
openmoko SIP client, it's, well, harder :P BTW, maybe, the ASU image has 
a working one?!

All This could be a way to talk with skype client, but to get a real 
skype-wrapper we're missing the contacts chat support. Sippyskype (as 
the others Skype2SIP wrappers) doesn't support it. I figure it won't be 
so hard doing it. There's a skype2irc implementation, so it could be 
used to create a fake irc server on local PC to connect to with the phone.

Just some cents...

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