Group Sale: Los Angeles

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Fri Jul 4 02:43:53 CEST 2008

We have a 10th buyer for the Los Angeles group, but so far I've only 
heard from half the group.

Obviously I don't want to risk buying 5 extra phones and being stuck 
without buyers.

If the other people who expressed interest can contact me ASAP, we can 
discuss getting payments etc. together to place our order.


ian douglas wrote:
> A user named "Bill Sun" listed themselves on the GroupSales wiki page
> for Los Angeles (
> but hasn't configured the wiki to allow me to contact them through the
> wiki. If that person is still on the list here and can contact me,
> that'd be great.
> We also have one slot left (or two if we don't hear from Bill Sun) to
> get an exact order of 10 Freerunners. I'll be sending an Email tonight
> to coordinate the group and discuss payment options, etc.
> Ian Douglas
> ian.douglas at
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