What's a "Webshop re-open gifts?"

ian douglas ian.douglas at iandouglas.com
Fri Jul 4 07:49:30 CEST 2008

Steve has mentioned several times that "while supplies last", they would 
be sending laser stylii, 512MB microSD cards and a headset with the 
10-pack orders. Once they run out, they run out, and they'll send a 
plastic stylus with each phone.

Openmoko doesn't want to be in the business of selling stylus pointers, 
microSD cards, screen protectors, headsets, carrying pouches, etc. 
They'd rather leave that to after-market entrepreneurs.


Robert Horton wrote:
> Well according to a message earlier here, the nice stylus is being used 
> up before they move to a plastic one so I would think the re-open gift 
> is  stuff that isn’t part of the actual $399 price and is a gift until 
> they are gone. I would assume they’d be included in the 10 packs as well.
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> The web shot states," Webshop re-open gifts: 512MB microSD, Laser stylus 
> pen." What does that mean and will the ten packs be getting this stuff?
> -Charles
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