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Michael had some similar issues. They were cleared up when he asked for a
replacement SIM.

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Hi all,

I just got my Freerunner today and I'm having trouble with my Vodafone
prepaid SIM card.
The SIM-card is almost 3 years old now and works fine in my old Benq EL-71.
This might be a 3G Sim card, does anyone know how I can check if it is one?

In the Freerunner, registering with the network does not work:

|root at om-gta02:~# libgsmd-tool -m shell
|libgsm-tool - (C) 2006-2007 by Harald Welte and OpenMoko, Inc.
|This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
|# # Power-On
|EVENT: PIN request (type='SIM PIN') Please enter SIM PIN: XXXX sending 
|pin='XXXX', newpin=''
|Modem power-up failed: 11
|PIN accepted!
|# List operators
|EVENT: Netreg not searching for network
|EVENT: Signal Quality: 99
|EVENT: Netreg registration denied
|EVENT: Signal Quality: 27
|# Get PIN status
|# Register
|EVENT: Netreg searching for network
|EVENT: Netreg registered (home network) LocationAreaCode = 0x033F 
|CellID = 0x5BB1 cme error: 100
|EVENT: PIN request (type='SIM PIN') Please enter SIM PIN: XXXX sending 
|pin='XXXX', newpin=''
|PIN accepted!
|# List operators
|cme error: 3
|# Get revision
|revision: "HW: GTA02BV5, GSM:

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