freerunner shipment confirmation?

Jayesh Salvi jayeshsalvi at
Sat Jul 5 00:19:43 CEST 2008


I bought freerunner few hours ago from the online shop. The transaction went
through after at least 3 different redirections for payment processing.
AFAIR, in step 1 they took my shipping information; in step 2 they directed
me to some Taiwanese site for credit card information; and I believe the 3rd
step was my credit card specific which did some kind of verification for my
Chase Visa credit card. At the end of 3rd step I got some error and couldn't
proceed or go back from there. I however received an email confirmation for
that 3rd step from Visa.

What concerns me is, I did not get any confirmation email that OpenMoko has
received my order successfully. I know the shipment hasn't started yet and
the shipment notification may come sometime later. But should I be getting
any confirmation/receipt of transaction from OpenMoko or from the third
party site that processed my order?

It has been couple of hours now. Has anyone else received
confirmation/receipt by email while placing the order (for single unit)?

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