3 Little firmware questions (was: Software Status - Shall I buy or shall I wait?)

Ingmar RIeger openmoko at ingmars-bastelecke.net
Sat Jul 5 10:30:02 CEST 2008


my first questions are now more clear but three more questions came to
my mind:

1.) There seem to be three different images: the ASU, FSO and 2007.2. Is
it possible to use all on the FreeRunner having one in the Flash and the
others on the TransFlash-Card and select which one should boot in

2.) Is GPRS easy to use in the FR? I tried to use it in two normal
phones but it doesn't work how it should. And GPRS is important for me.

3.) Is there already a mail-client working on the FR?

Hope you can help me. When this questions are clear, I'll preorder my
FreeRunner to get it as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Ingmar Rieger

openmoko at ingmars-bastelecke.net

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