freerunner unable to work with 3G SIMCards?

Kevin Zuber Kevin at
Sun Jul 6 13:11:28 CEST 2008

So, what should I do now? Change my provider? Buy a prepaid sim card?...
Really, that can't be a solution.

BTW.: I tested a sim card from a friend and it worked. It was an 9 YEAR old
simcard (G2)! 
His provider is vodafone, but the sim card is so old, that there is an "D2
Mannesmann" logo on it (an provider, that doesn't exist anymore). 

But no o2 card seems to work (in the meantime, I have test a 3rd o2 card in
my phone from another person, all three are g3). 

On Sat, 05 Jul 2008 16:27:11 -0700, Michael Shiloh <michael at>
> Steven Kurylo wrote:
>>> now, I got some more infos, but it still doesn't work.
>>> Today I was on an O2 shop, too. They gave me a NEW SIMCARD and I tried
> it.
>>> Same again. It doesn't want my pin.
>>> I asked the man in the shop and he called someone, after this, he said
> that
>>> it is the newest simcard they have.
>>> So: Get a newer simcard is NO solution.
>> Actually if you look at your AT output, you're now getting error 32
>> which is "Network not allowed, emergency calls only".  I'm no gsm
>> expert, but my first thought is that O2 didn't activate the new sim
>> card.  Try the new sim card in a different phone?  Or double check
>> with O2 that the new sim card has been activated.
> Good theory - Ian, didn't we have this problem with your SIM card at
> I've used prepaid SIM cards with good results - I always test in the
> store before I leave, for this very reason.
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