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Sun Jul 6 16:37:38 CEST 2008

Lets say 6kb a sec. In a minute thats 360kb, in an hour it is 24000kb
and per day that is 288000kb. In a month that could be 10656000kb or
10gb. But ssh will never use that much :)

On 7/6/08, Diego Fdez. Durán <diego at> wrote:
> El dom, 06-07-2008 a las 17:08 +0300, Mikko Rauhala escribió:
>> su, 2008-07-06 kello 16:01 +0200, Diego Fdez. Durán kirjoitti:
>> >  What is the max downlink bandwidth of FreeRunner?
>> 80k for the 4 downlink timeslots. In theory. Practice, you can get >50.
>> >  It's just curiosity, I'm going to use FreeRunner to keep open a SSH
>> > session to my server's control server and latency is the critical thing.
>> Then why're you talking bandwidth? Latency is always bad with gprs.
>> 0.5-1s usually. SSH is not pleasant but usable; done that semiregularly
>> over gprs for quite a while.
> Now I get 250ms to 500ms when I'm in the city.
> I'm asking about bandwidth to estimate the daily max downloaded data so
> my service provider don't fuck with the bill :)
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