Dual Band GSM

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Sun Jul 6 17:30:55 CEST 2008

Am Sa  5. Juli 2008 schrieb Mikko Rauhala:
> la, 2008-07-05 kello 14:01 +0200, Sean Lynch kirjoitti:
> > Does anyone know if there are any plans for a Dual Band GSM openmoko
> > phone? It'd be nice to have an 850/900 phone for use in the States or
> > in Europe.
> You're confused. The phones are triband 850/1800/1900 and 900/1800/1900,
> called 850 and 900 models for short because that's where they differ.
> (In hindsight, this probably invites the confusion for people who don't
> know GSM.)
> The upshot, generalizing horribly much, is that either phone will work
> on both sides of the pond in densely populated areas (where 1800/1900
> service is common), but not necessarily in the more rural areas of the
> "wrong" side (where 850/900 is commonly needed).
> One _does_ hope future models will be quad for increased flexibility
> (GTA03?).

That's the plan
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