Software Status Update

Audrius Meskauskas audriusa at
Sun Jul 6 19:38:21 CEST 2008

GTK is under LGPL and Qtopia is under GPL. This may mean nothing for the 
individual developer, but under GTK we may expect more "commercial", 
proprietary applications appearing. One can buy "commercial" license for 
Qtopia as well but this costs money.

It is up to you to decide if more proprietary applications is bad or 
good thing. It may well be that the freedom - loving community may 
choose to enforce all contributors to share the source code, caring less 
about "this second" popularity. But this thing with the two licenses is 
important to remember when making decisions.

Most modern Linux distributions would run both QT and GTK applications. 
Keeping this may not be just a purely technical decision. It may make a 
lot of sense to do the same on OpenMoko.


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