Software Status Update

arne anka openmoko at
Sun Jul 6 22:22:22 CEST 2008

>> > Keeping this may not be just a purely technical decision. It may make  
>> a
>> > lot of sense to do the same on OpenMoko.
>> fso addresses exactly this request.
> Hmm? This is new for me, can you explain this? FSO is middleware only,
> and has nothing to do with QT or GTK!

exactly. the 2007.2 and the asu respectively use gtk or qtopia  
thouroughly, even for middleware. thus applications are hardly  
with the advent of fso middleware is expected to be (gui) toolkit  
agnostic, instead providing an api applications can use. thus applications  
making use of the fso apis may coexist as long as the necessary libs  
(qtopia, gtk) for the gui are installed, just like desktop distributions  

at least that's, what i understood from the discussions of the last weeks.
if anybody knows better, feel free to correct me ...

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