ancient hardware?

Peter Harrison cheetah100 at
Mon Jul 7 05:35:20 CEST 2008

I wouldn't focus on the age of the hardware at all.

The real question is whether this will be a hardware platform that others
will be able to build innovation on top of. With phone companies making
available only applications which earn them money you have not really seen
the same kind of innovation that we saw in the PC space in the early 90's.

It will no doubt be a success in its own right, but what about other

* IP phone over Wifi and integrate with Asterisk IP phone systems - changes
to GSM outside the office.
* In car navigation system.
* Low cost taxi fare system.
* Courier driver system that minimizes route time and allows dispatch to
* Robotic platform and robotic control
* Hospitals - used by nurses and doctors for prescriptions and observations
as low cost tablet.

The Neo could open up hundreds of vertical market opportunities that the
Telco's currently have no interest in tapping. If you think that the Neo is
simply a different kind of iPhone you are missing the point. Many
applications may use GPRS, but may not even implement phone functionality.
Some may not even use GSM. To me the attraction is that it has been designed
from the ground up to run Linux, and there is a dedicated team working on
the frameworks that will make delivery of these applications possible.
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