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Mon Jul 7 13:30:24 CEST 2008


I have tried to do get some values from the accelerometers.
I get from /dev/input/event3 these values:

000b070: 5de6 7148 4108 0200 0200 0000 ee08 0000  ].qHA...........
000b080: 5de6 7148 7b08 0200 0200 0100 1200 0000  ].qH{...........
000b090: 5de6 7148 9608 0200 0200 0200 2a03 0000  ].qH........*...

As far as I understnd thee first line is for the x axis,
the second for the y-axis, the thirs for the z-axis.

The value for the x axis does not change.

I get no data for /dev/input/event2.

Is there any magic switch to enable it?
Only one of the accel entries in /proc/interrupts changes its value

Andreas Kemnade
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