Laptop Replacement

Michael michael at
Mon Jul 7 19:05:58 CEST 2008

After seeing the  pictures of the Neo connected to a battery powered 
hub, I looked around the internet to see if there were any that could 
hold more batteries, but couldn't find any. Then I thought that it 
would be nice to have a battery powering the hub and fast charging the 
Neo at the same time, but such a thing does not seem to exist. So I 
took the circuit at
charger-by-mc34063/ and doubled it up to provide power for the hub and 
the Neo. The preliminary results can be seen at

The hard drive and the USB ethernet card were working, but I am busy 
updating my machine so I can build a kernel with support for the 
wireless card.
I also need to thank whoever designed the USB port on the Neo, because 
I wired the cable the wrong way around when I first connected it and 
the phone was still working afterwards.


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