Different hardware in the future?

Ole Kliemann ole-om-community-2008 at mail.plastictree.net
Tue Jul 8 00:00:50 CEST 2008

Hi everyone!

I'd first like to say how excited I am about the Freerunner. I am an
enthusiastic linux user who likes to customize every aspect to create a
workflow that just fits. So a customizable phone is what I have been
looking for. A big thanks to all involved in the project, you are doing
something important. It is about time that man reclaims machine.

But now my question: As I understand, the software right now is not
fully evolved. I would be interested in experimenting and testing, but I
also would like to have a fully functional phone in the long run. Will I
have one with the Freerunner once the software development reached a
certain stage?

Or will there be another hardware iteration then, eventually making it
necessary to change the hardware? I read, it is intended for end-users
but not yet quite end-user-capable. I wasn't sure whether this is a
question of software only, or one of hardware too.

Best regards,

PS: I hope this is not a double post now. But I did not receive my
message on the list and could not spot it in the archive either.

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