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Mon Jul 7 23:47:27 CEST 2008

I also did some testing with all the pieces of hardware the freerunner has.
The GPS is very disappointing. I could get a fix in about 2 minutes with my
Neo1973 with a cold start.
This works inside my car (maybe a bit slower), at my room's window (bit
slower), and everywhere outside.

I still didn't manage to get a FIX with my Freerunner. I tried it at my
window (nothing at all), in my car (nothing at all), outside my window
(first coordinates after 15 minutes, no FIX at all), and on top of a hill
with sunshine and no clouds (first coordinates after 5 minutes, no FIX at

After that tests I don't think that my Neo will be able to get a FIX ever.
At least it's totally unusable as any kind of GPS- or Navigation-device.
Getting coordinates from my CellID-database is barely less accurate, but it
goes in no time and everywhere.

Btw. - I took a picture of my GPS_antenna, and I just can't imagine, that
this will be able to get a GPS signal without siginficant loss to the
reciever (that has only a sensitivity of -155 dBm in the best case).
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