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Tue Jul 8 00:36:05 CEST 2008


I´ve a few Questions with my Freerunner:
a) Does the battery always charge when the power-supplier is connected 
to the USB-Port?
b) Who are the Settings of the "openmoko-*"-Packanges saved? I want to 
change the default-volume of a phone-call, the background-light and 
activate the openmoko-panel-clock.
c) How can I easier import my Contacts to the 
"Contacts/Dialer"-Applikation? Who is the save-file to directly edit? Or 
is it possible to import a csv-file with "lastname,surname,phone-number"?
d) exists a clock at the "lock-screen", where i´ve to put the logo from 
one side to another?


PS: I´ve my Freerunner since last Wednesday and happy to generate some 
useful code. You all have done a good work to the basic.

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