questions about our mailinglists

Piotr Duda openmoko at
Tue Jul 8 01:13:57 CEST 2008

well, I have to say Im terrified... I was quite busy lately and have a week
vacation so in my _community_ message box there is almost ~1400 unread mails...

Sean Moss-Pultz pisze:
>    1) Combine 'openmoko-devel' and 'distro-devel' into one list -- called
>      'devel'.

no problems with that...

>    2) Remove 'device-owners'.

from the very beginnig I liked this division, the _device-owner_ list was naturally
focused on neo's usage and sharing knowledge and experiences while _community_ list
was more about community staff and literally about everything... so it was quite
convenient to me to be up to date with _device_owner_ list and catch up with
_community_ list when I have some more free time than usually...

 >    3) Remove 'hardware'.

is there any difference between removing _hardware_list and combining it with
new _devel_ list? I hope that U still want to keep being open with hardware too :-D

Im happy gta01 owner and IIRC where firsts neos started to arrive into peoples hand
the _device-owner_ list was getting a lot of mails... maybe when freerunners start
to arrive this list will be live and kicking once again?
maybe it is a matter of advertising that we have more list than one only - maybe
a lot of new community members are not aware of that?



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