W.Kenworthy billk at
Tue Jul 8 04:02:41 CEST 2008

Another data point.

I dont have my FR yet, but looking at this thread got me to fire up an
external bluetooth BT74R GPS and connect it to my treo650 using cetus
gps to display a satellite map.  the GPS is on a SE facing windowsill
with one floor above me so everything behind the building will be cut

This system will usually, but not always get a fix within seconds.
Today (and I have seen this before), it cant get a fix.  All the
strongest satellites in view are aligned east-west.  From experience,
once the satellites move so they are "spread" across the sky, a fix will
happen - and once obtained will stay fixed.  Just need to get that first

Does the freerunner have software that can show how the satellites
position overhead? - satellite location will certainly cause a lot of
variability - I would think the only worthwhile measurements on how the
FR performs will be comparative (with another, known performer placed
alongside) rather than absolute.


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