Different hardware in the future?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Mon Jul 7 22:44:16 CEST 2008

> But now my question: As I understand, the software right now is not
> fully evolved. I would be interested in experimenting and testing,  
> but I
> also would like to have a fully functional phone in the long run.  
> Will I
> have one with the Freerunner once the software development reached a
> certain stage?

I would say so, or at least I have invested in the neo1973 and the  
freerunner now, in faith that both of them will be useful sooner or  
later .. and i've been following the software projects development for  
a while now, there is definitely movement and flux, only ..

> Or will there be another hardware iteration then, eventually making it
> necessary to change the hardware?

.. the interest in the older platforms and the newer platforms is only  
going to pale as newer platforms are introduced, and in fact this is  
needed, because the momentum towards a few hundred thousand to a  
million users requires frequent hardware revisions. we should count on  
it, as developers, in fact.

> I read, it is intended for end-users
> but not yet quite end-user-capable. I wasn't sure whether this is a
> question of software only, or one of hardware too.

right now, its intended for developers, but if enough developers get  
onboard right now and do cool things, there will be people who buy the  
phone because they only want to be users and not much else.  that day  
will come: it is up to us developers, however, to provide some reason  
not to screw up hardware manufacture economics and attract the  
masses .. ;)

Jay Vaughan

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