Not just a phone

Cédric Berger cedric.berger74 at
Tue Jul 8 09:19:17 CEST 2008

Once we all have such data collected, google could probably offer to
publish it...
They already do so for their own car fleet :

Of course, not so many people are ready to publish such private data !!

About crazy ideas... the same thing could also be done for yourself...
monitoring heart rate, walk speed, cerebral activity, ....

>> On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Michael Shiloh <michael at> wrote:
>>> Excellent. I look forward to blogging about your setup. Please keep
>>> me/us informed.
>>> One fun thing to do: send this data to a web server, and plot it (using
>>> GPS) on a map showing your current consumption as a function of location?
>>> Steven ** wrote:
>>>> I'm hoping to use it not just for in-car navigation, but also data
>>>> readout.  I intend to rig it to display voltage and current in my
>>>> electric car.  I'd like to see someone do that with an iPhone  :-P
>>>> -Steven

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