How many batteries is included?

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I'm afraid I have no actual information, just additional, perhaps
orthogonal, questions.

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> But for us that are buying a 10 pack, we alreddy have the bag and the
> earplugs.
> Is it possible to buy only the batteries

That was something I didn't fully understand (it's academic to me, since I
only bought a single Neo):

> 10 Pack gifts: Openmoko traveler's pouch and headset x 10
is that, "traveler's pouch and (headset x 10)" or "(traveler's pouch and
headset) x 10"?  I'd love to hear the answer, if someone orders a 10-pack
and is willing to reply to the list just to satisfy my curiosity :).

The "Spares pack" also heavily implies, but does not seem to specifically
state, that it includes _two_ pairs of headphones (one picture shows two
sets of headphones, in different colors, which could be interpreted to mean
"you'll get two pairs of headphones," or "you'll get one pair of headphones
and this photo shows two examples of what you might receive;" the text
states "stereo headsets" (the plural form 'headsets' implying I'll receive >
1 pair) but has no number and is immediately below a line that numerically
specifies "2" batteries (again, only academic interest: I'll probably just
throw the headsets on a shelf and never use them, since I just wanted the
batteries and case)).

Just curious, as I always am when confronted by ambiguous specifications :)


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