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Tue Jul 8 11:11:39 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 08 July 2008 03:25, W.Kenworthy wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 20:47 +0200, Francesco Cat wrote:
> > Another thing that might help: If the FR is connected to any network
> > one should also be able to use IP Locator services like
> > to get another extimation of the
> > location of FR. They are usually quite accurate.
> >
> > Would this help?
> How accurate does the AGPS prefix need to be to be useful? - the above
> locator is ~20-25km out for me (In Perth, Western Australia) using a
> public IP.
> Not really my idea of "quite accurate"!

It's just initialisation data. More accurate will probably be better, but 20km 
of doesn't sound that bad. It sure is *way* better than not even knowing 
which hemisphere you're in. 

Actually it think just knowing which country your in will make a big 
difference allready. We could consider devising a list of country/location 
data, assuming we can get country information from the GSM network (or the 
SIM card perhaps?). Just adding this to the GPS initialisation might allready 
reduce the time needed to get a fix hugely.


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