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Tue Jul 8 13:03:33 CEST 2008

On Sun, 06 Jul 2008 19:38:21 +0200 Audrius Meskauskas <audriusa at>

> GTK is under LGPL and Qtopia is under GPL. This may mean nothing for the 
> individual developer, but under GTK we may expect more "commercial", 
> proprietary applications appearing. One can buy "commercial" license for 
> Qtopia as well but this costs money.

IMHO LGPL give more freedom to the app developer. they get to choose their
license. for example i favor BSD/MIT-X11 style licenses, not GPL. i believe
GPL's "idea" of free is not the same as mine. mine aligns more with BSD/MIT-X11.

open and free does NOT only mean GPL. this is something many people overlook
and forget.

> It is up to you to decide if more proprietary applications is bad or 
> good thing. It may well be that the freedom - loving community may 
> choose to enforce all contributors to share the source code, caring less 
> about "this second" popularity. But this thing with the two licenses is 
> important to remember when making decisions.
> Most modern Linux distributions would run both QT and GTK applications. 
> Keeping this may not be just a purely technical decision. It may make a 
> lot of sense to do the same on OpenMoko.
> Audrius
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