matt joyce matt.joyce at
Tue Jul 8 13:52:55 CEST 2008

>> Not really my idea of "quite accurate"!
> It's just initialisation data. More accurate will probably be better, but 20km 
> of doesn't sound that bad. It sure is *way* better than not even knowing 
> which hemisphere you're in. 
> Actually it think just knowing which country your in will make a big 
> difference allready. We could consider devising a list of country/location 
> data, assuming we can get country information from the GSM network (or the 
> SIM card perhaps?). Just adding this to the GPS initialisation might allready 
> reduce the time needed to get a fix hugely.
> AVee
I'm not sure what capacity there is to connect via VPNs, but they could 
make a device appear to be in a different hemisphere.


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