questions about our mailinglists

Sean Moss-Pultz sean at
Tue Jul 8 15:27:41 CEST 2008

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:

> We want to simplify around key communication points. What do you think 
> of the following:
>    1) Combine 'openmoko-devel' and 'distro-devel' into one list -- called
>      'devel'.
>    2) Remove 'device-owners'.
>    3) Remove 'hardware'.

It seems like generally speaking people agree with 1). So we'll try this 

2) is a bit more controversial. But, being somebody that loves change, I 
would like to try it as well.

3) Had more than a few good arguments against it. Plus we're working on 
releasing more information about the hardware. So this will been needed 


I read this page for the first time:

Seems there is already more than few sites but very little posts. If 
somebody is interested in becoming the "Official" Openmoko forum I'd be 
more than happy to make this...well...official.

We just don't have anyone here (in the company) that wants to setup and 
maintain a forum.


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