OpenMoko is the only 100% F/OSS-based Linux smartphone project

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Tue Jul 8 18:46:25 CEST 2008

> I'm glad I purchased an openmoko though. I'm tired of fighting against
> mobile phone vendors.

yeah, its a lot easier to fight against all the open source guys  
shivvying into position to make *the* bomb distro for the freerunner,  
thus destroying all hope of 3rd-party developer markets being  
established in any sphere <less> than that of a full-distro-is-my- 
application base ..

seriously.  i only wanna participate in openmoko so i can rip the bits  
i need out to provide phone services, and glom my application in the  
rest of it, put it on an SD card, and sell that.  there is a huge  
market for this precise kind of custom-application vendor service in  
the corporate world.

and so this is -precisely- why motorola and co., are defending their  
hardware base.  open source is nothing without silicon.

Jay Vaughan

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