Chaosspawn23 Chaosspawn23 at
Wed Jul 9 08:11:57 CEST 2008

Kevin Zuber schrieb:
> Hi,
> I did some tests yesterday and here are my experiences with Freerunner's
> GPS:
> First I put the Freerunner on a window sill in a penthouse, no high-rise
> around. I got a fix after ~20 minutes. Disappointing.
> Later on I walked along in a big city between a lot of high-rises. After
> 15 minutes, the neo found the first satellite, but nothing more, no fix,
> only a gps-time. After 30 minutes I activated the power management
> (first dim, than lock) so the neo could be sleeping again, I gave up.
> Very Disappointing.

Hmm, my results so far:
First run with external antenna on the roof: GPS time after about 15 Minutes,
TTFF 1599 seconds. Still, the position tangogps showed me was about 1 km off
from my real position, and kept changing (with 4 visible satellites).
Trying again now, after restarting agpsui, TTFF is only 55 secs, and now I see 6
satellites. Weird...


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