Hello ! My Name Is Jack!

u942519 at oz.nthu.edu.tw u942519 at oz.nthu.edu.tw
Wed Jul 9 10:14:08 CEST 2008

Hello! My name is Jack. I come from Tsing Hua University and I

study Computer Science third year. This summer I am glad that I can

join the openmoko team and become an openmoko intern. Because I

think the idea of open source and the infinite creativity is very cool!

Everyone can share the mobile phone code. And you even can create a

completely new function in your phone only you have a fantastic idea!

The dream to make your idea become true is not possible. This summer

I am honor that I can study and learn more about openmoko here. The

following items are what I expect to learn at openmoko:

1.learn more about neo mobile phone.

  Ex: how to use the GTK library to write the mobile code, familiar with
         the API….

2.learn the Linux

3.Complete my idea make the mobile have the social function.

   Ex: you can input your personal data in your mobile phone, like
         your name, male, hobby, age and so on. And input what kind of
         friend you want to make. If the condition are all match by each
         other, your and his(her) mobile can ring and send a hello
         message. This function can work only you walk on the street by
         WiFi or Bluetooth. It is a social function!

            You also can have a travel plan, and send the detail of the plan to
         all around you. If someone want to join your plan, he can reply
         you by and message. It is just like a broadcast function.

        Ha Ha~!Maybe my idea is ridiculous and not practical but I think it

 is funny. And at last I hope I have fun here and wish myself can

contribute what I learn to openmoko someday. Thank you !^_^

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