Hello ! My Name Is Jack!

Dennis Wollersheim d.wollersheim at latrobe.edu.au
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Hi Jack

You have great ideas, especially about the social software.  Please keep
telling us what you are thinking and learning.


u942519 at oz.nthu.edu.tw wrote:
> Hello! My name is Jack. I come from Tsing Hua University and I
> study Computer Science third year. This summer I am glad that I can
> join the openmoko team and become an openmoko intern. Because I
> think the idea of open source and the infinite creativity is very cool!
> Everyone can share the mobile phone code. And you even can create a
> completely new function in your phone only you have a fantastic idea!
> The dream to make your idea become true is not possible. This summer
> I am honor that I can study and learn more about openmoko here. The
> following items are what I expect to learn at openmoko:
> 1.learn more about neo mobile phone.
>   Ex: how to use the GTK library to write the mobile code, familiar with
>          the API….
> 2.learn the Linux
> 3.Complete my idea make the mobile have the social function.
>    Ex: you can input your personal data in your mobile phone, like
>          your name, male, hobby, age and so on. And input what kind of
>          friend you want to make. If the condition are all match by each
>          other, your and his(her) mobile can ring and send a hello
>          message. This function can work only you walk on the street by
>          WiFi or Bluetooth. It is a social function!
>             You also can have a travel plan, and send the detail of the plan to
>          all around you. If someone want to join your plan, he can reply
>          you by and message. It is just like a broadcast function.
>         Ha Ha~!Maybe my idea is ridiculous and not practical but I think it
>  is funny. And at last I hope I have fun here and wish myself can
> contribute what I learn to openmoko someday. Thank you !^_^
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