slightly off topic: Rogers Canada slashes data plan pricing

Paul Wouters paul at
Wed Jul 9 19:31:39 CEST 2008

	Customers who purchase an iPhone and sign up for a three-year
	contract any time between July 11 – when the device goes on sale
	– and the end of August will be eligible for a $30-per-month
	data plan giving them access to 6-Gigabytes of data. Rogers
	previously had charged $100 for a 6-GB plan.

Though mostly meant for the iphone, they say:

	The special plan is available not just to iPhone customers,
	but any Rogers customer with a 3G next-generation smart phone.

Though Rogers claims to have "listened to customer feedback", the article
also quotes:

	One blog posting on, a popular Apple rumour
	site, stated that Apple would divert some iPhone shipments that
	had been earmarked for Rogers to Europe for punishment over the
	negative publicity, leaving some Rogers outlets with as few as
	10 iPhones to sell.

Time to get a USB 3G dongle that works on laptop and openmoko. Though getting
the 3G subscription might allow you the same rates on the 2G network perhaps?


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