Internal Connections

Joachim Steiger roh at
Wed Jul 9 20:28:34 CEST 2008

Charles Pax wrote:
> Is there any way to commmunicate with the Freerunner through an internal
> connection (USB or serial, not I2C)? This would be useful in creating a bar
> code/RFID tag reader into the back cover. If not, is something like this
> planned for a future version?

planned not afaik. too many different standards yet incompatible with
each other... (eg. 15.56MHz or rather 125kHz?)

but of course you could add one yourself.

we have added i2c, spi and a the debug serial not only on the debug
connector, but also on the golden testpads surrounding it on gta02, so
access via soldering or flatcable is easy and possible.
only VCC is not.
(because there were no free ldo with enough spare current or so)

for the pinout see this picture:

the print on the pcb in the middle shows the arrangement of the golden
pads around the debug connector (right lower corner)

kind regards


Joachim Steiger
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