When will the sale of GSM 900 start?

Alexander Frøyseth alexander.froyseth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 22:01:43 CEST 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) skrev:
> Alexander Frøyseth wrote:
>> you meen 369 USD ?
> Well, yes but he's including also 2 years of warranty and extra goodies.
>> Well it isent my call, but I the the group leader will agree with me on 
>> this.
> If you're in Europe, I think that buying from USA isn't so cheap since 
> there are high import taxes and you don't have any warranty.
No import tax, or any other taxes :)

And the shipping from US to Norway cost for all ten the same as the 
extra on two phones ;)
We have paid 2500 NOK (about 488USD) for each mobile (this include 
shipping and some stupid tax (25%) that is on every thing we buy, even 
non import gods).

The math says it cheaper.
And about the warranty, I think its going to be okey ;)
And as I said, its not my call.

Alexander Frøyseth
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