Phone ideas

Brent abatrour at
Thu Jul 10 04:37:11 CEST 2008

I have a few awesome ideas for the phone.

My first one is a basic guitar tuner using the mic.

My second one is some kind of phone home ability where if I misplaced
my phone, I can txt a secret phrase from a friends phone and have the
Freerunner automatically txt back the GPS coordinates. (could also be
used if your phone is stolen)

My third is the ability to look up local businesses and etc based on
my GPS location. Lets say I want a place to get some pizza when I'm
out, I just the program to find local pizza places that are open
(using google's tools)

My last idea is the ability to have a random ringtone for each
different call or for each day (for those people who love to change
their ringtones)

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