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John Reese jreese at
Thu Jul 10 18:59:57 CEST 2008

Brian C wrote:
> If there were to be some benefit from multiple lists, and there could
> be, then they would need to be defined differently than "community" and
> "device-owners" which contains far too much overlap.  If there were a
> "support" list that was clearly intended to be questions about how to
> get things working (flashing an image, compiling some software, etc.)
> and then some other list for all non-support related discussions (not
> sure the best name for it, but "community" still seems too broad and
> would confuse newcomers), then that could be a useful split.  Anyway,
> unless two better-defined lists were proposed, I would agree that
> removing device-owners and putting everything in "community" is preferable.


John Reese

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