Pulster: DHL and Correos Spain

Diego Fdez. Durán diego at goedi.net
Thu Jul 10 22:02:08 CEST 2008


 Pulster is a great shop, I have no problem with them. This mail is
about the interface between DHL and Correos Spain.

 Pulster states that parcels reach his destiny in 5 days using DHL. I
live in Spain, my parcel left Pulster on 3/5 and today it's still

 When you send something in Germany using DHL it's controlled by Correos
in Spain, and they take his time (at least 2 days in customs, another
day from customs to Madrid, another day from Madrid to local delivery).

 My parcel reached customs on 8/5, and stayed there till today. I hope
it gets home on Monday.

 So, if you're going to place an order in Pulster select "priority" (30
eur) if you want less than 10 days :)

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