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On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Andy Selby <andyfrommk at> wrote:

> Are you saying a neo1973 is more reliable then a freerunner?

As of this moment, I have never Qtopia on my Freerunner. Lorn says
there are Qtopia images for Freerunner, but I haven't seen them.
Because, for my use, there is no reliably functioning software for the
Freerunner but there IS for the 1973, yes, as of this moment and those
conditions, I prefer the 1973 for daily use.

IF (and that's a pretty hefty caveat) I were given a working Qtopia
image for Freerunner, my opinion would change. There's nothing wrong
with the Freerunner hardware, in fact I prefer it for the fade effect
and improved battery life. The problem is ENTIRELY that the GTK
2007.02, ASU and FSO images (100% of the software I've seen running on
Freerunner) doesn't meet my needs of decently reliable phone calls and
media player capability for podcasts.

The Freerunner is better hardware. Qtopia is better software.

> Is qtopia on GTA01 more stable than on GTA02?

I've never used Qtopia on the Freerunner, but if it worked as well or
better, the 1973 would find itself buried under a pile of papers and
beer bottles on my desk, except for testing of images. Qtopia on
Freerunner would rock, until one of the other images started working
and tapping the wealth that is the broader Linux community.

> If so I'll put off buying a freerunner for the time being.
> I use qtopia aswell and my neo1973 is my primary phone.
> There's life in the old device yet.

The 1973 is a nice device. The problems 1973 users might face come
from what seems to be an abandonment by Openmoko Inc. There's the
power controller firmware that doesn't seem to have been corrected,
and the fact that the ASU developers don't seem to be developing on
1973. There are community projects, like the FSO and the SHR that will
be targeting the 1973 and Freerunner both, and there's Qtopia which,
for the moment, I've only see functioning on 1973 (I'd like to rectify
this... seriously!) so 1973 users aren't screwed at all.

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