Preparing video for Freerunner

Steven ** montgoss+openmokocommunity at
Fri Jul 11 03:11:44 CEST 2008

I read previous threads about playing video on the Freerunner.  I know
there are limitations.  So, my question is basically this:  what would
be the best settings for ffmpeg to produce a video for the Freerunner?

On a related note, has there been much progress with the glamo chip?
for what I'm talking about.  I see some activity in the git log.  But
doesn't look like much since that blog post.  Would you suggest
different ffmpeg settings to produce a file for use with this
glamo-aware version of mplayer?

I ask this question because I just had a friend say "if it plays video
good, I'm going to get one" and he is fine with preprocessing the
video.  He wants a demo of my Freerunner's video abilities once my
shipment arrives.  I'd like to show him the best possible result.


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