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Fri Jul 11 08:27:36 CEST 2008


Speaking as someone who is trying to get the whole build environment up and
running for the first time, I would say it is a very accurate statement.

Is there any good step by step how to guide on building everything from
scratch, from the toolchain up?

I'm using gentoo, amd64, and the latest toolchain won't execute on my
system. So I have to build it. But the documentation guides for building
from scratch haven't worked at all.


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> I found this yesterday, thought it was quite an ok article.
> This stood out for me "*The tangled pile of mostly outdated and incomplete
> documentation at the OpenMoko wiki*..."
> Is this an accurate evaluation of the wiki ?
> If so, what can we do to fix it up, how do we identify old content and
> schedule it for updating?
> Matt
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