Yogiz yogizz at
Fri Jul 11 17:10:19 CEST 2008

> As of this moment, I have never Qtopia on my Freerunner. Lorn says
> there are Qtopia images for Freerunner, but I haven't seen them.
> Because, for my use, there is no reliably functioning software for the
> Freerunner but there IS for the 1973, yes, as of this moment and those
> conditions, I prefer the 1973 for daily use.
> IF (and that's a pretty hefty caveat) I were given a working Qtopia
> image for Freerunner, my opinion would change. There's nothing wrong
> with the Freerunner hardware, in fact I prefer it for the fade effect
> and improved battery life. The problem is ENTIRELY that the GTK
> 2007.02, ASU and FSO images (100% of the software I've seen running on
> Freerunner) doesn't meet my needs of decently reliable phone calls and
> media player capability for podcasts.
> The Freerunner is better hardware. Qtopia is better software.

Here should be the Qtopia images for both the Neo and Frerunner:

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