Visually Impaired?

AVee openmoko-comunity at
Fri Jul 11 18:38:49 CEST 2008

On Friday 11 July 2008 15:51, Joseph Reeves wrote:
> My very first thought...
> How about overlaying the screen with a sheet of rubber buttons? I'm
> thinking of the sort of thing that you get inside cheap mobile phones,
> TV remotes, pocket calculators; that sort of stuff. The number 5 would
> have the bump on it and the keys would simply push against the
> touchscreen. Let me know if that's not a great description...

It would work, but perhaps we could get close enough without it. We surely 
should be able to provide feedback about the location of certain keys either 
using the vibrator or using sound. We could even consider make the phone say 
what a button means, although i'm pretty sure most blind will manage with a 
basic 'here is a button' and 'this is five' indication once they know the 
But a specialized ui for the blind is an interesting idea. The funny thing is 
we could just leave display of and increase batterylife.


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